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Dear Diary, (Kevin Daly)

Today was a very exciting day at the sand dunes. We were picked up by several different dune buggies which can be best described as a souped up go-kart.

Sitting in the back was relatively uncomfortable as we fit 3 people into a space which would normally only fit 2. Driving down the streets of Natal, the drivers pushed the limits of the cars and the law as we swerved recklessly in and out of traffic. Upon arriving to the dunes, the hills were much larger than I had anticipated. We drove from location to location where we were able to get out and look at the souvenir shops or partake in the rides that were available. I did a zip line into a lake, and a large slide which also lead to a lake. At our final stop we all played beach soccer for about 45 minutes with makeshift wooden goals. Seeing how this field was set up with barbed wired around the perimeter of the area showed how truly dedicated these people are to playing this game regardless of their social ranking or quality of facilities.