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Ryan Bender #4: Game at City Stadium

Today was our first preliminary game of our brazil trip. Our opponent was the America professional development team which we played at City Stadium in Natal. The stadium seats 66,000 people and is absolutely incredible.

We entered the field under some underground tunnels that emerged right next to the benches. The feeling of greatness that we all experienced was unimaginable, not only because we were walking through there but to think that some of the greatest players in the world have walked through those tunnels. Not very many people can say that they got to experience that. Our game ended 2-1 in favor of the Cougars! So on top of everything we walked into a professional stadium and beat some pretty amazing players. This is truly something that I will never forget.

The professional game after that followed our game was sweet. I have never seen so many crazy players all on the same field at the same time. Actually I take that back. I have never seen so many crazy fans in one place at one time. People were jumping and chanting and singing all at the same time trying anything that they could do to give their team any extra energy that they could to get them to win for their city. It was absolutely amazing. All in all I am just speechless at the commitment and the love for the game of soccer in this country. I wish that things were like that in America because it would change the entire meaning of the game.