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What soccer means to Brazil - Detti

Soccer is everything to this country. In America most college athletes, after graduation, go on to pursue a career in something other than sports. In Brazil, the ultimate goal is to play professional soccer in Europe. That is not only most everyone’s dream but for some it is also their way out of poverty.

We have already played against guys twice our age and not only that, they came out in top. We played against a guy today who was around 40 and is currently playing in his sixth year as a professional futsal player in Europe. We also played beach soccer against guys that were also at least 40 who worked at a fish factory and only scored one goal on them. We learned today that the players of the ABC football club that is hosting us get bus fare to the training field and get bus fare home but they have two practices a day so between practices they have to sit around and watch the other teams practice. All because they are pursuing the ultimate goal.
We also learned that some professional soccer players here in Brazil earn 8000 dollars a month to play soccer. To us that is great but to them it’s still not good enough.