August 10, 2008

Dear Diary, (Kevin Daly)

Today was a very exciting day at the sand dunes. We were picked up by several different dune buggies which can be best described as a souped up go-kart.

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The Dunes - Jeff Lind

The team woke up just in time for the 9:30 breakfast and to jump into the dune buggies.

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Brazil is a beautiful country. The people are carefree and even though they don’t have money they make due with what they have. People in America might think that just because they don’t have nice cars and clean houses they would want to be more like us in the first world, they don’t need the material distractions of our culture that have numbed our souls, Brazilian ginga is all they need.

Amber O'Connor

The boys played futsal today! I thought they played really well together as a team, and their attack improved a lot! We all will be able to take home new attacks and formations that most Americans have never played against, which will make us even stronger.

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What soccer means to Brazil - Detti

Soccer is everything to this country. In America most college athletes, after graduation, go on to pursue a career in something other than sports. In Brazil, the ultimate goal is to play professional soccer in Europe. That is not only most everyone’s dream but for some it is also their way out of poverty.

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Tody Glaser

We have now been in Brazil for three amazing days and my outlook on how soccer impacts this society is way bigger than I would have thought.

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David Reich

Four days in Brazil, and all have been fun. What you have heard about Brazil, that soccer is life, is absolutely true.

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Diggy - Brent Diggs #19

Brazil is a crazy place! A lot different then anywhere I’ve ever been.

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Matt Johnson

Soccer in Brazil is bigger than I could have ever imaged.

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Chris Blahna

So far it has been a great experience so far. Everywhere we go we are seeing how much the people of Brazil love soccer. Whether it is construction guys watching our games through windows instead of working or people stopping on the beach and asking if they can join in our games.

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Harper - 22

My first two entries of my journal - Soccer in Brazil

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August 6, 2008

"Ombragado Mosa" - Kevin Daly

The last couple of days have been a combination of new emotions and experiences. After a night of very little sleep, our physical journey to Brazil began as we departed our beloved Morris for the MSP airport.

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Here at Last - "Jonesy"

Today after what seemed like an indefinite flight, we finally arrived at our destination, Natal Brazil. We left the airport happy just to be off the airplane and took a bus to our hotel. Here we met Miguel Delima and the rest of the Delima soccer staff. Expecting to simply carry our luggage to our rooms and crash, we were a bit surprised when Miguel told us to meet on the beach in shorts.

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First Inpressions - Donnie Hicks

It only took about 30 seconds off the plane to realize we were in another country: the long line to cross through customs had a abundance of large televisions playing something you don’t see all too often on American televisions: soccer.

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Culture Shock Brazil - Tyler Simpson

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

I have flown on many airplanes since I was little and have never once thought I would get sick of them. Today however, I think it's safe to say that I got sick of airplanes. You know its been a long trip when you can't even remember the day of the week or when you last slept in a bed. When we got to Brazil customs took longer than I expected and I was in for a major culture shock. The airport in Sao Paulo was totally different than any in the United States. Instead of the organized lines, and signs pointing every which way, people were sparatically walking and traffic was very unorganized and hectic. I did like however how the luggage carts were free, instead of the $3.00 that most airports in the United States charge.

Once we finally were done in the airport, we loaded the bus and started towards our hotel by the beach. The bus ride was very refreshing as we were able to look out the windows and get our first glimpse of the Brazilian culture. The culture here is so different compared to that in the United States; everything here is so much more simple compared to the complex technology we are used to at home. The beach was amazing and even though the weather wasn't the best and we had sat on an airplane for close to 36 hours it was still refreshing to go for a run along the beach. I am very blessed to have this opportunity and can't wait for tomorrow!!!