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Quesiton 1 - Zach

The dad in the movie makes all the choices for his family. He makes the decision for whom his daughter marries and what she can do with her life. Why does he need to make the decisions for his family? And is this fair, why or why not?


In that culture the male is the dominant sex and they are the head of the household. It's confusing in today's world because women can hold high level jobs and are closer in power to men. This is where old world and new world clash. The traditionalism of the family clashess with the individual freedoms of today's world.
As for fairness, No I don't agree with it personally but it's not my culture. What is traditional and accepted for one culture won't always agree with another. If I was in the main character's shoes though, I would be furious at my parents.

If you think about it from our perspective then it is not fair. But culturally thats the best for the family, thats how they believe it. The woman should have the authoritative power as a man bun some cultures the women believe they should not have that power. Personally i think that is not fair, because everybody is capable of making good decisions.