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Question 2 - Doug

Elite male cyclists are often made fun of for shaving their legs in the USA but not in Europe. The reason they sahve is to keep road tar and other debris from sticking to their legs while riding. Although their is a function for the shaving, why is it still joked about?


The reason that this is still joked about is because of how our society has been built. We live in a male dominated society, which means that men must be considered as masculine and shaven legs is not a masculine trait. I'm not sure if this will ever change. There are both male and female athletes that have to deal with problems like this in other sports as well.

I agree with Zach. the way we built our society has a lot to do how we think and view things. For instance sport players in Europe are much more decorated when they are off their sport environment. Here in the U.S. sport players always want to be viewed as manly men, strong at all times.