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Question 2 - Zach

Homosexuality is not talked about very much in sports. When it is talked about its usually stereotypes for athletes. If a male is a cheerleader he is stereotypically a homosexual. If a woman body builds or resembles a very muscular figure she may be considered a lesbian. Why is it that we consider a woman a lesbian just because she looks and can perform at a level a male can? Shouldn’t she be congratulated for being a tremendous and skilled athlete?


I believe any erpson that sacrafices time and puts the time into bodybuilding that is required should be congratulated. I did some body building in high school and the commitment and pain that it requires is just amazing. What shouldn't be congratulated is the athletes cheating to get ahead. I don't care how much time is put in, it's still cheating.
If it's clean and 100% individual effort, no matter what the sex, it should be respected and congratulated.

Anyone who believes that they can achieve something that others can't, and they achieve their goal, they should be awarded for their achievement rather than their gender. It is amazing to be a competitor as a woman but to be compared to a male athlete is a great achievement. "A competitor is a competitor" we should always have that mentality