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Once in a Lifetime

This film is a documentary of how soccer became known in the U.S. It is very straightforward and uses a timeline as a building block to explain the history of soccer in the U.S. Since this is a documentary all the people in the film are representing themselves.

The main idea of this film is to provide a history lesson of how soccer made it as a sport in the U.S. and how the New York Cosmos helped in the success of the popularity of soccer.

The quality of this film is not the greatest for a film bein released in 2006. This is because a lot of the footage taken was from when cameras were first being used to televised sports. Along with the quality of the film was the lack of sound quality. Music helps films out in a tremendous way and I felt that the music selection for this movie could have been much better for how recent the film was released. I believe that the movie was correctly filmed considering it was a documentary. It flowed very well and it was very informative. It left little room for questions.

“Once In a Lifetime” seems to be the right title for this film. The film does a great job in explaining why the New York Cosmos have a once in a lifetime opportunity to make soccer popular in the U.S.