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Blog Prompt #4: kindness matters

i have been going to school for a while.... Architecture is not something i'm just trying out, it is what i have decided to do. I was an art major for two years and a biology major now for a year or so... I am really interested in the environmental aspects of biology and have found that architecture is something that fits all my interests and gives me a means to do the work i want to do.....


i want to design buildings that are environmentally friendly and work to reduce the emission levels that buildings and homes are currently producing.... i think that sustainable development can work to address many of the issues people face today including homelessness, global warming, pollution, etc. By addressing the causes, we can work to find solutions for problems that are very real for the people they affect....


i think there are wonderful developments that have allowed designers to build differently. for me, taking care of the environment is just part of who i am. anything i do in my life, will be closely related to this belief...


this affects every aspect of my life from the books i read, to the art i create, the music i listen to, everything.... i enjoy where i am at school and feel that the program i am in, offers no constraints or resistance to what i want to do.... i am a full-time student, a small business owner, an avid music follower, an artist, a tree hugger, an explorer, a book worm, and a free spirit..