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New! Contribute Shared Assets and CSS styles

Contribute now has functional CSS styles and shared assets for everyone to use, but keep in mind that this is considered a new-features rollout, and the true testing really happens when people use them in real-life situations. In the beginning, there are sure to be some bugs and unexpected behavior. Please call me or e-mail your discoveries to dhansen so I can add them to my list and work my way through them. Updates to bug-fixes will be posted here. Some fixes might be beyond my control (software-based) but others might be fixable through CSS / XHTML.

There are a few legacy pages still floating around that may have old font tags. These pages might produce unexpected results as well. New pages made with a template will always be "clean." If you want to copy a page that you are in doubt about, ask me to check it for validity and clean structure. Thanks!