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U.N. Report Issues Global Warming Findings


The USA Today article, “Global warming probably caused by human activity, U.N. report says,? is about the United Nations Report issued Friday that announced humans are most likely the cause for global warming, and that conditions would persist despite efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The article stated information that was disclosed in the report, including the news that the increases in air and ocean temperatures, melting of ice and snow, and rising sea levels are evidence that the climate is warming, and that floods, droughts, and hurricanes are caused by greenhouse gas emissions.
The writers of this article handled the challenges of using quotes and attributing in an article about the controversial issue of global warming because the writers attributed the findings and opinions to the scientists and politicians so that the reader would know that the writers are not stating their own opinions. The writers reported the controversial and opinionated statements by using many direct quotes. For example, the writers used a direct quote from John Kerry to state the opinionated and controversial statement, “Although President Bush just noticed that the earth is heating up, the American public, every reputable scientist and other world leaders have long recognized that global warming is real and it's serious,? in order to clarify to readers that is not their opinion.
The San Francisco Chronicle also wrote about the U.N. Report on global warming in the article, “Warming ‘Likely’ Man-Made, Unstoppable.? This writer also used many direct and indirect quotes and attributed the findings and opinions to the sources. However, this writer said, “…That was the strongest conclusion to date, making it nearly impossible to say natural forces are to blame,? without any clear attribution.
In my opinion, since the San Francisco Chronicle writer did not attribute this statement, it seemed that the writer was making his own assumptions. The writer could have communicated better if he had found a source to attribute this statement. However, I think this article succeeded in using more quotes from Bush’s administration to balance both sides better than the USA Today article did because the USA Today writer mostly used statements from those who strongly believe in global warming.