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Affordable Housing in the Twin Cities

According to Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, the Metropolitan Council sets goals for communities in a seven-county region to build the needed affordable housing units for that area. According to the public relations specialist for Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, some communities are better at accomplishing its goals than others, and she said the city of Woodbury is one community that has excelled at its goals. She said Woodbury will have 48 habitat homes by the end of 2007, which is more than any other suburb in the area. How did the people of Woodbury accomplish their goals and why were they motivated to build the most habitat homes in the area? What do other communities need to do in order to accomplish their goals?

1. Sharon Rolenc, public relations specialist, Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, (612) 331-4090 ext. 626

2. Guy Peterson, housing director, Metropolitan Council, (651) 602-1418

3. Bill Hargis, mayor of Woodbury, (651) 739-1040


I'm hooked! If you were to write this up, you would have to decide how much you wanted to broaden it. The more you refer to other parts of the Twin Cities, the greater the potential readership -- but the less space and depth you'd have for your primary subject.

I'll also add that I'm surprised that Habitat for Humanity, which I assumed worked only in poor areas, is active in a suburb that I assumed is affluent. I bet other readers would have similar preconceptions, so that's something you'd want to address head-on if you were to pursue this story. Great work.