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Nickelodeon Coming to Mall of America



The Star Tribune article, “Mall banks on Nick’s knack,? is about how the Mall of America has signed a 10-year deal with the children’s cable network, Nickelodeon, to have Nickelodeon characters be the new theme of the amusement park that was previously Camp Snoopy with Peanuts characters.

The news of the contract is a popular topic in this area, and the basic information of the new Nickelodeon theme, the ratings and basic information about the network, Nickelodeon characters that will be involved, new rides, old rides that are staying, and the beliefs of parents that Snoopy is irrelevant to children today are very standard. Thus, this writer had to develop a unique angle to focus on. In addition to informing the reader on the basic and newsworthy information, the writer focused on the economic status of the mall and whether or not the lack of a theme since Camp Snoopy left a year ago has hurt the mall. Also, the writer discussed how the fourth floor is also mostly vacant after restaurants and nightclubs closed. The writer cited mall officials as maintaining that the absence of Camp Snoopy has not hurt sales, that sales per square foot last year was higher than ever before in the mall’s history, and that the mall’s vacancy rate is 5 percent which is less than any other local mall. The writer also included the opinion of a store owner in the mall who thinks that the mall is lacking “novelty? and there needs to be an interesting theme to get people to come to the mall.

The Pioneer Press also covers the Nickelodeon and Mall of America deal in the article, “Mall Is Singin’ A New ‘Toon.? This writer also informed readers of the basic elements of the contract that the Star Tribune writer did, but this writer also used a unique angle for the story. This writer focused on how Nickelodeon will also profit from this deal- not just the mall. She discussed how Nickelodeon is planning on building a store to sell their merchandise, and how Nickelodeon also has other displays at theme parks and resorts.

In my opinion, both these writers were successful in writing the articles because they both used unique angles. As mentioned above, the writers both included much of the same information about the contract, the Nickelodeon network, and the plans for the park. Both writers even cited the same type of information from the same source of the mall’s vice president of business development and they also interviewed parents who both said that Snoopy is no longer a popular character with children these days. Therefore, I liked that these writers came up with additional angles to make their articles distinguishable from others. I did not like one angle more than the other – the Star Tribune writer focused more on the economic status of the mall and the Pioneer Press writer focused more on the economic status of Nickelodeon. Either way, both angles are unique and interesting and the writers are offering readers new information.