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Nutrition Improvement in Minnesota Schools

Obesity expert Martha Kubik said in a recent speech that the nutrition in Minnesota schools received a failing grade in a 2006 nationwide food policy assessment by the Center for Science and Public Interest. What are Minnesota schools doing to improve nutrition and has nutrition in Minnesota schools improved since this study was released?

1. Sherri Knutson, president, Minnesota School Nutrition Association, (507) 328-4216

2. Rosemary Dederichs, director of food service, Minneapolis Public Schools, (612) 668-2821

3. Dulcie Ward, staff nutritionist, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, (202) 686-2210, ext. 338


Great example of converting extra ideas from one story into the basis for a second story. Other than the school district, I don't recognize the names of the other two sources' organization to be able to know for sure, but they appear to be relevant. Good work.