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10,000 Year Old Camel Bones Found



The AP article, “Bones of prehistoric camel found in Arizona,? is about how the bones of a 10,000 year old camel were found last Wednesday in a construction site in Mesa, Arizona. This discovery is very rare, and the bones will be displayed at Arizona State University.

Since this is a light-hearted story and the description of the bones, its discovery site, and how they were discovered is very pertinent information, the writer had the challenge of using description. The lead reads like a hard news story because they stated the essential information of the 10,000 year-old bones being found in a construction site in Mesa, but the writer did not make the lead descriptive or unique. The writer said that the bones were found at the construction site of a future Wal-Mart in suburban Mesa, Arizona; but, otherwise the writer did not include a specific location. This writer was vague in simply saying that workers at the construction site unearthed the bones but did not specify what the workers were doing when they found the bones. Also, the writer did not describe the bones at all or say what types of bones were found.

The East Valley Tribune in Phoenix also covered the news of the camel bones discovery in the article, “Prehistoric camel bones found in Mesa.? This writer also had the challenge of using description to tell the reader what the bones looked like and where and how they were found. This writer had a detailed lead by saying that the nursery owner is used to digging up river rock and caliche when digging holes for citrus trees. The writer mentioned the street names of where the bones were discovered. This is a recognizable place for local readers, but even though national readers don’t know these street names it does give some reinforcement that these bones were actually discovered. This writer was also very specific and used vivid verbs in describing how the bones were discovered. He said that “a backhoe plunged into earth and dumped bones onto the ground.? He also explained that the workers were digging a trench and a hole when they unearthed the bones. This writer was also very descriptive because he listed the exact bones found such as teeth, a hoof, and a scapula among a few others.

In my opinion, I think the East Valley Tribune writer used description better in their story while describing the bones and how and where the bones were discovered. I liked that the writer used vivid verbs, detailed descriptions of how and where the bones were found, and listed the exact types of bones that were found. These descriptions made the story more enjoyable and interesting, but these are facts that provide further proof that these bones actually were discovered. I think that the AP writer was a little vague in describing the location of the discovery and how the bones were discovered. Also, the article and its lead read like a hard news story, but personally I think this story was effective being descriptive and more light-hearted.