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Coyote goes from Downtown Chicago Quiznos to the Wild



The Chicago Tribune article, “Urban coyote gets his space,� is about how the coyote that wandering into a downtown Chicago Quiznos on Tuesday was released into the wild on Wednesday.

This writer had the challenge of using an array of sources and giving complete information. This writer used many sources for this story that included the owner of the property where the coyote was released, the manager of the Quiznos the coyote wandered into, the founder and director of the Flint Creek refuge where the coyote was originally placed, and the director of Animal Care and Control. Also, the writer gave complete information on the news event including that the employees of Quiznos visited the coyote, now named Adrian, before he was released and offered him a warm prime-rib sandwich on garlic bread (the vets didn’t let the coyote eat it though) and Quiznos donated $1,000 to Animal Care and Control for taking care of the coyote, and that Adrian was the third coyote captured in Chicago in the past three weeks and that 10 to 15 coyotes are annually captured in Chicago.

The Chicago Sun Times article, “Downtown dog to country coyote,� also covered the news of Adrian the coyote being released into the wild. This writer did not use as many sources as the Tribune writer. This writer included a quote from the owner of the property where Adrian was released. The writer also included the kennel manager and the founder of the Flint Creek refuge, but the writer only attributed the minor facts of how old the coyote is and that he ate and rested at an animal shelter the night before he was released. Also, this writer did not include any additional information like the Tribune writer did because the Tribune writer included the sandwich and money they donated, as well as the statistics on coyotes in Chicago.

In my opinion, the Chicago Tribune writer did a better job at telling the story of Adrian the coyote being released. I liked this article because the writer included so many sources and quotes to give the full picture. Also, I really liked that this writer included the extra information about how Quiznos reacted because it is interesting to know that the manager was so nice about the situation and gave Adrian a sandwich and donated money. It was also interesting to know the statistics on coyotes being captured in downtown Chicago because coyotes in a city seem so unexpected. However, the Sun Times writer was also successful in communicating the main information of the release, and I think the hourglass structures used in both articles were effective because the updated information of the release was announced first and then the whole story beginning with Adrian going into the Quiznos was told chronologically. Also, I liked that both articles included photo galleries of Adrian, and the Tribune website even had a video of Adrian being released.