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Story Idea No. 5: Puppy Mills

The recent intense media exposure of Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota’s (RAGOM) removal of 83 dogs from a puppy mill in Bismarck, N.D. has brought puppy mills to the attention of the Twin Cities people. Therefore, what is a puppy mill and are they legal? There are few regulations or laws on puppy mills, but The Dog and Cat Breeders Act is currently going through the Minnesota House albeit it is stalled. Therefore, what regulations do puppy mills currently have, why is the bill being introduced, and will the intense media exposure from RAGOM’s removal help move the bill forward?

1. Nikki Rydel, member and volunteer coordinator, RAGOM, (612) 865-2431
2. Darby Holladay, spokesman, United States Department of Agriculture, (301) 734-3265
(The USDA inspected the puppy mill in N.D. and is in charge of inspecting puppy mills.)
3. Paul Koering, senator, R-12 Crow Wing and Morrison, (651) 296-4875
(He is one of the senators introducing The Dog and Cat Breeders Act.)