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Threats may prevent Prince Harry from going to Iraq



The AP article, “Report: Army may bar Harry from combat,? is about how Prince Harry may not be sent to Iraq on military duty anymore as a result of getting threats of him being kidnapped or killed.

The writer of this story had the challenge of updating the information. It was reported a couple of months ago that Prince Harry would most likely be sent to Iraq. There were questions of his safety back then and Harry was quoted then as saying, “There’s no way I’m going to put myself through Sandhurst and then sit on my arse back home while my boys are out fighting for their country.? However, now since there have been explicit threats made to his safety, the writer had the challenge of getting Harry’s new feelings on being sent to Iraq. The writer said Harry wants to be an ordinary solider, but it is not clear if he said that before or after the threats. Also, the writer said another source reported that Harry’s friends said he would be disappointed if he couldn’t go to Iraq, and the writer said another source reported that he would quit the army if he isn’t deployed.

Another article, “Doubts raised over Prince Harry’s war-zone posting deployment to Iraq,? from the Belfast Telegraph also reported on the news of the threats on Prince Harry’s safety. This writer also had the challenge of updating new information on how Harry now feels about going to Iraq since getting the threats. This writer also said that another source reported that Harry’s friends said he’d quit the army if he can’t go to Iraq. The AP writer at least said the name of the source, and this writer just said “according to one report.? However, this writer, unlike the AP writer, included that the BBC’s royal correspondent dismissed this claim and said that Harry won’t quit. Also, this writer and the AP writer both used that quote from 2005 where Harry said he doesn’t want to sit at home on his “arse? while his boys are out fighting.

In my opinion, I don’t think either of the writers did a very good job at the challenge of updating the information. Both articles used that quote from 2005 when he said he wanted to go to Iraq, but I was interested to know how he feels now since he has gotten a lot of threats. Both writers just used other sources that made claims about how Harry supposedly would be disappointed and he might quit if he isn’t deployed. I did think it was good though that the Belfast Telegraph writer got another opinion on the rumor that Harry might quit by including that the royal correspondent said that his friends denied saying he would quit.