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Children's Orientation

I am finally done with my application process, which means I just attended the volunteer orientation meeting, and I am ready to begin. After I mail in my application and get an interview of course! The orientation was boring to say the least. I literally was having a hard time staying awake the whole time, thankfully they had refreshments and food to keep me busy. The orientation was just like any other job training session of the sort, we went over codes and conduct, behavior, scenarios, etc. I did not find a lot of it all that interesting, except for the panel session of the orientation. The panel session was when four different volunteers, doing things we will be doing, came in and talked about their first day, challenges, high points, and just what volunteering at Children’s is like on the whole. Although their challenges they mentioned made me very nervous of the situations I might have to handle, overall they build up my anticipation to get started even more.
I think after talking to all the volunteers and going through the orientation the thing I am most nervous about, at this point, is knowing my boundaries. The stressed the idea that people in the red schmocks (the volunteers) are not there to discipline. Which I am perfectly fine with because I really dislike conflict, but I am playing what a smaller child and he or she hits me, or pulls my hair or something, what am I to do? Is telling them to not hit or pull disciplining? Am I really supposed to run to a nurse and say “that little boy hit me?? I mean seriously, I am 18, I have a younger sibiling, I babysit all the time, and I am familiar with this kind of situation but not one that I am not allowed to discipline in. Do I just let this kid hit me and keep playing my game or do I tell him that’s not ok?
Oh the questions I have. Clearly I should have asked these during orientation, but I suppose I will just go with my best instinct. I will probably just let it slide unless this kid is literally beating me to bruises…then I will take action. And by “take action? I mean I will go find a nurse!