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A little good luck?

Let’s rewind back to before Spring Break when things were looking up for once after not hearing back from the Children’s Hospital still. I was contacted about a week before Spring Break was to start by Monica Sims, the head of the CCLC, concerned about my lack of hours I have logged so far. These were viable concerns, being that I had no hours logged yet. She listed off some options of different community organizations I could start working with as soon as possible, one of which happened to be Lynbloomsten. Lynbloomsten is a nursing home in St. Paul and was conveniently an organization I was actually interested in. I immediately contacted her back expressing this interest and she put me in contact with the Volunteer Services Coordinator at Lynbloomsten just days later.
Julie, the Volunteer Services Coordinator, worked with me to get me into the earliest training session, which conveniently was that coming Thursday and my schedule was open as well. I went to the training session happy I was finally getting somewhere, but upset that I was missing another Grey’s Anatomy for another training session. The training was a joke. We learned about “Wheel Chair Educate? and “The History of Lynbloomsten.? While I am sure some of the stuff we learned was important to them and to the safety of the residents, but to me…it was all repetitive and boring.
The training session may have been relatively ridiculous but I got it done and I was feeling ready and excited to get started working at the home.