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My first meeting

Yesterday was my meeting as People Serving People with Volunteer Services. My trip there was a bit stressful because I had to take the bus. Normally this was not an issue but it was to the middle of downtown Minneapolis, which made the trip a bit nerve wrecking. I was worried I wouldn’t get off at the right stop, or get lost, or not find the building right away. Thankfully this did not happen. I did miss my stop, but only by a few blocks so finding the building was not an issue. From the outside People Serving People looks like a normal, very new, multiple story apartment buildings, making the inside incredibly shocking. As I walked onto the property, there was an extreme shift in the feeling of the atmosphere I was in. As I walked to the site, along the streets near tall sky scrapers and business men, there was little to no diversity whatsoever. But as soon as I walked up to the door of People Serving People that soon changed. The entrance of the building was not a bright welcoming, but instead right through the first doors was a metal detector and locked gates. The gates were only unlocked from behind a desk and were only accessible if you had a pass and were checked by the rent-a-cop at the desk. Needless to say I was flabbergasted by this scene and really was unsure how I was to go about getting inside.
After having the guard call Wendy down to meet me, I was given a quick tour of the building and saw the places where I hoped to be working. The meeting went really well and I was placed as a Child Care Helper until summer and then would move into Children’s activities director. I left PSP that day having a better understanding of what they are all about and a new starting date!