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3M pollutants in Woodbury

A chemical has been linked into the groundwater in areas around a Woodbury drop site, where Minnesota company 3M dumped chemicals in the 60s. Though the health department doesn't really know if the chemicals are harmful to humans, they are telling worried residents to drink bottled water or filter their water.

The Star Tribune first reported on this story on Feb. 3. This version of the story deals more with the what of the story, rather than the so what. It discusses the problem and what 3M is asked to do about this--figure out a plan within the next 30 days.

The Pioneer Press chose to do a larger feature article on the repercussions of this event, and published it in Sun., Feb. 11's newspaper. This story serves as a follow-up to what they reported around the same time as the Star Tribune article. This story focuses on the people, and their concerns, what they're doing about this. It also provides detailed information about public meetings.

Those these two are hard to compare because they focuses are different, I think that maybe the Star Tribune missed the follow-up part of this story, which seems to be needed because of the information in the Pioneer Press article. This brings up the question of how much to report, how in depth do we need to go, how many people do we talk to, which needs to be answered for every story.