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Muslim leaders meet

The prime minister of Pakistan is calling for a diplomatic end to the conflict with Iran. Ministers from seven countries are set to meet in Saudi Arabia, primarily to discuss the Palestinian problem. Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf believes the Palestinian problem to be the root of the terrorism problem.

The AP's version of this story was picked up by papers world wide, seen here in the New York Times. The Boston Globe picked up the Reuter's version.

This is an example of a news conference story. Both versions discuss the remarks made by the prim minister and president at a news conference before the actually meeting started. The articles provide as much background as is necessary, though much isn't because of the prevalence of the Middle East in the news.

The articles choose different focuses. The Reuters article focuses on the Palestinian angle, putting the perspective of Middle Eastern countries, rather than attacking this from the U.S. centric angle.

The AP article focuses on the talks about Iran, which is more in the forefront of the American consciousness.

I think both are important, and I don't know which one I would have choose as the lead. The Iran crisis is more important to American readers at the moment, but there is always interest in the Israeli-Palestinian crisis.