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Snickers Super Bowl Ad

Snickers maker, Masterfood USA, a division of Mars, was forced to take one of its Super Bowl ads off the air and off of its website. The ad shows two mechanics accidentally kiss over a snickers bar. In response, they rip open their shirts, revealing their hairy chests, and rip out large clumps of chest hair, presumably to reinforce their masculinity. The ad was also posted on a Snickers website, which offered alternative endings, including one where the mechanics threaten each other with wrenches and the like.

This ad has come under fire by gay organizations, citing that the ads are harmful to gays, encouraging anti-gay thoughts, and, in some alternate endings, encouraging violence against gays.

USA Today covered this story, the Wednesday after the ad was first aired at the Super Bowl. The challenge with this story was representing all sides of the issue. There is the candy company's side, which was just trying to make a funny commercial that would create some buzz. Then, there are the gay organizations and the gay community that objected to the ad. Then, there is the gay sports enthusiast who found no problem with the ad and doesn't see why it is offensive. USA also chose to cover the angle of what do they do now, by talking to a crisis management expert.

The Associated Press also picked up this story. They placed the ad more in context, describing the website that the alternate endings were on, and the reactions of football teams members to the ad that were also on the website. They too spoke to GLAAD, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, and The Human Rights Campaign about their reactions to the ad. They also talked to a Masterfoods spokeswoman.

Neither story went that in depth, probably because of the brevity of both types, USA Today and AP writing. Though this story wasn't really picked up by the major papers on its own. I actually found out about it from a advocacy organization on campus, not through the news media. I don't know why this wasn't picked up by more organizations, and I haven't heard much else about it.

Though both stories were brief, they managed to get a lot of information, from as many sides as possible.


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