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It's snowing in Minnesota, hard, and both local papers had to report on the story. Both papers have multiple stories.

The challenge with this story is to make something very obvious--that it's snowing--into hard news. All the stories also provide a public service, giving snow emergency information, and how to prepare. They are also providing a service for the public, encouraging people to stay home, and stay off of the roads.

It is also a challenge to get people to read these stories, because they are filled with such boring, yet useful information. So they tried to take different angles, one using the snow to say how it can't stop the Wild from playing, or travel delays, or how certain ordinary people are dealing with the snow.

There are even interactive polls on the websites, asking how much snow will fall.

I'd think it wouldn't be so much of a crisis, considering we live in Minnesota. But then again, if the newspaper doesn't report on the obvious, how does it keep its credibility?