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In Los Angeles, five Yorkshire terriers were dognapped at a home in Koreatown. Two men entered the home and stole the five dogs at gun point. The entire thing was captured on the family's home security system. The dogs are worth $2,500 each. The family had advertised the dogs, because four were for sale, and the robbers answered the call. The LAPD is looking for information on this subject.

I chose to blog about this news story because of how the story was presented on the LA Times' website. The story includes the short article, the actually security video of the entire robbery, a picture of the dogs dognapped, a still photo of the suspects, and a link to the LAPD news release. I thought this was relevant because of the recent discussion we had on convergence. While this doesn't actually involve a reporter filming, it still shows a way that the LA Times is trying to engage its audience online.

As for the reporting, most of the story is redundant to the video, which starts playing as you access the website. The play by play of the crime is necessary in a strict writing format, but the video shows much better than the writer can describe. The writer, Richard Winton, does provide the necessary background for the video, aiding our understanding of it.

The Washington Post also picked up the story, but only included the photo released by the LAPD. Their story is shorter, and does not provide the play by play that the LA Times article does. They also quote the victims directly, as opposed to the police department, as the LA Times does.