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Gore to Capitol Hill on Global Warming

Former Vice President Al Gore went to Capitol Hill this week to testify before Congress on the threats of global warming.

The challenge with this story is that the idea is tired--global warming is a hot issue at the moment, and this is more of an update rather than breaking story. The second challenge is to not get too caught up in the bipartisan party politics--and report on them instead of the issue at hand.

William Neikirk of the Chicago Tribune and Felicity Barringer and Andrew C. Revkin of the New York Times both took up the challenge.

Barringer and Revkin started with a delayed lead, emphasizing the theater and antics of the story, rather than the hard news aspect. They effectively used quotes from Gore's speech that were clearly meant to inflame and be very quotable. The article gets long and tedious though, when they start delving into the he said/he said of party politics and the back-and-forths between Gore and other Congressmen. I think it got bogged down here, and I lost interest.

Neikirik also used a delayed lead but focused more on the fact that Gore was the story--his comeback of sorts to Capitol Hill. His story was more about the man and the significance of his return than on what he said.

These were two very different takes on this story, one focusing on conflict and the other focusing on person. I think both were a way to attack this story from a new angle instead of spewing more facts about global warming that everybody already knows.