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Newt Gingrich--need I say more?

Newt Gingrich, former U.S. House speaker during the Clinton era, admitted to having an affair at the same time that he was impeaching former President Bill Clinton over his involvement with Monica Lewinsky. He was talking on a conservative Christian radio show when he admitted the affair. Some political analysts think that he might be making a move to run for president in 2008.

The New York Times picked up the AP version of this story. The story also made international headlines, including in an Australian paper and the National Post from Canada.

The challenge with this story was getting direct quotes from Gingrich. His quotes on the radio show were long and drawn out. The AP used ellipses on more than one occasion to simplify his words, to make them more readable. From hearing some of the quotes on TV, I think that they only cut out his thinking words, but they still make me wonder what is missing. The National Post solved this problem by using a lot of partial quotes with some prior explanation.

The National Post article puts Gingrich in context, discussing his possible bid for presidency and Rudy Giuliani. The AP article focuses on Gingrich himself, telling more details of his affair, and personal life prior to the affair.

They also have conflicting details in their stories. The AP reports that he asked for a divorce from his second wife while she was recuperating from surgery and the National Post says that she was attending her mother's 84th birthday party.

Overall, I just find this interesting that this came out the way that it did, on a conservative radio show.


I remember when Newt was riding high in national politics, but then he made a lot of enemies and his sun started to set. In fact, it seems like I can remember that moment as being the massive "Give Newt The Boot" demonstration in Seattle, where I was very nearly trampled by a police horse.

Good times, good times. Sigh. Well, at least we have RNC 2008 on the horizon. Bring on the police horses, I say, because I have PERFECTED my moves.

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