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Nun's identity revealed

A French nun was revealed to be the nun who reported being cured by the late Pope John Paul II in May 2005. Until now, her identity was a mystery, shrouded by the church.

I found two AP versions of this story. The first appears to have been written and published pre-press conference, and contains very few colorful detail, information, or quotations. This is the straighter, newsier version of this story. The second, posted only three hours ago, includes many quotations from the nun herself, as well as background details and images.

The first article, attributed only to AP, uses a straight lead and very simply and clearly provides the background information and what we need to know. The writer tries to simply and clarifies the process of sainthood as done by the Catholic Church.

The second article uses a more colorful, slightly delayed lead, with important details sprinkled throughout the first three paragraphs. In a story where the person is the news, I like to be able to get a sense of that person, and this article painted a much clearer picture than the initial report. This is probably because of time constraints and the availability of information.

The first story is boring but informative, and the second is colorful and informative. If one has the time and the details, color can be effective and interesting.