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Recycle Mania

The University of Minnesota is involved in a contest aimed at reducing waste on campus through better recycling and reduced trash. This is a nationwide campaign that pits university against university, and is sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency through their WasteWise Program. There are brochures on tables in the dining halls on campus, but other than that, I haven't heard much about it. To make this relevant to a larger audience, I could discuss how the Recycle Mania is tied to a larger waste reduction program that pits business against business.

I would talk to:

Residence Hall directors-as to why we need this on campus
Residence Director at Middlebrook Hall—Tam Knapton 625-2049

Facilities Management-whether they were informed about this, and how this affects their jobs
I would specifically talk to the person overseeing the recycling program at 612-625-8084.
Cindi Cardinal, facilities management, ext. 56481

I would contact Recycle Mania for more specific information about the program at 866-626-4224.
Ed Newman of Ohio University, who is
one of the founders of RecycleMania, at 740-593-0231


This would very likely get approved to run in the Minnesota Daily. But how about the Minneapolis Star Tribune? Does someone in Eagan or Brooklyn Park care? What about a bus driver or bartender who doesn't really relate to those elite clubs? What is the universal issue here? Please insert one more sentence that would show why the subject (or the deeper subject) is relevant for a general audience.

The sources should include a name of a specific person you would ask to talk to. You don't have to verify that they would be informed on the issue, but you should be reasonably assured that they probably would be.

Please let me know when you make those changes and I will award your points.