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Grunge Music

A sub-culture of music exsists outside the norms of pop, rap, R&B, and rock--grunge. A mix of heavy metal, some screaming, and more chilled hard rock--it attracts a diverse crowd. I would seek to define this type of music, maybe providing a vignette about what a grunge concert is like for those readers from an older generation that might like to relive their woodstock days.

I will talk to:

Shane D. Kramer-handles bookings at the Triple Rock Social Club, which is a hot spot for grunge bands.
612 802 7743

Other sources would include:
people at a concert--every-day joe perspective
Chase DeGroy--provides a fan perspective--612.849.7779

the band--depends on the concert

Scott D. Lipscomb
Associate Professor: Music Education
-about history of rock, on the question of grunge music then and now

Also, would like to fun a scholarly perspecitve--where this music came from, how it orginiated...


Sounds great. I trust if you were to write this story you would clarify whether this is a renaissance of the music first popularized by Nirvana and company 17 odd years ago, or whether it never went out of style. Your story idea did not clarify your geographical focus: Twin Cities only, several cities, or national.

No need to revise that. But: As you know, the source list needs to include three sources (full name and phone number for each). When you fill that in, please let me know and I will credit you the 4 points.

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