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Interim Premier declares the war won in Somalia

The Interim Premier of Somalia has declared victory in that the Islamic Front that had taken control of the capital city of Mogadishu in recent weeks. These past weeks have seen the bloodiest fighting in Somalia in years. The government declared victory but the fighting still continues. More than a thousand civilians have been killed in the fighting and many more were wounded.

Jeffery Gettleman, of the New York Times, wrote an article on the subject. He choose to focus on the fact that the Interim Premier made an announcement as the lead of the story. Then he provides paragraphs of relevant background information for the reader who may not have been following the story. There isn't too much new information or much in depth analysis, but as a general reporting story, it covers everything I'd need to know to understand the latest news.

Aweys Osman Yusuf, from the Shabelle Media Network, reported only a day before the New York Times piece that 20 more were killed. This article talks more about the specific day to day fighting, that a Somalia audience would be interested in, rather than the general overview that the New York Times gives.

They both give relevant detail to their respective audiences. Yusuf's article still provides background near the end of the piece, even though presumably he's writing for people that would already know.


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