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Hatch Resigns

Mike Hatch resigned from his post in the Attorney General's office today, amid conflict with current Attorney General Lori Swanson and her staff. Ten percent of the staff has left since Swanson took office.

Pat Doyle of the Star Tribune has an article posted on this subject 45 minutes before I am writing this blog entry. This is breaking news, and this is the way that the newspaper deals with it. It was the top story on the Star Tribune website. His article provides a large amount of information considering that this is a breaking story. They have specific figures about Hatch's salary and the circumstances of his leaving. The article also quotes heavily from a letter from Hatch to Swanson about his resignation.

The Pioneer Press also covered this story, with reporter Bill Salisbury, within minutes of the Star Tribune article. This article is shorter, and does not have all of the information that the Star Tribune article does. This is more of a brief to get the breaking news out. However, they do provide a paragraph about the recent election that involved Mike Hatch and how Swanson won her position as Attorney General. The Star Tribune article does not include this information.

Most interesting about these articles are the other things on the website. The Star Tribune article includes the phone number of the reporter that wrote the article right at the end. On the Pioneer Press website, there include a link to the full text of the letter from Hatch to Swanson.

Both served their purpose of alerting the public of the breaking news and both strove to place this story in context, but they did so choosing different contexts.