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Clinton In Iowa to gain strength for her Presidential candidacy

Hilary Clinton was in Iowa recently, and held a townhall meeting in Des Moines to drum up support for her recently announced Presidential candidacy. She spoke to almost 3,000 people, addressing the ways in which her gender might affect her bid. Clinton said that she wants the U.S. to keep progressing and pointed to Motherhood and her gender as an asset to herself and campaign.

She also highlighted many issues that will come into play in her campaign later on. Among them were wage fairness amongst employees and CEOs, outsourcing of U.S. jobs, and pricey healthcare. Clinton met with prominent Iowa democrats while she was there, and was also introduced to the stage by Iowa Rep. Leonard L. Boswell.

A challenge for the reporter may have been accurately summing up her speech and describing her stage presence, as well as the crowd reaction and demeanor without incorporating much bias or judgement into the article.

The lead in this story included a few details about the setup of Clinton's townhall meeting, before making a very general summation of Clinton's purpose in Iowa. The article didn't have much of a sense of urgency and the lead reflected that.

Article can be found here:http://www.nytimes.com/2007/01/28/us/politics/28clinton.html?ref=politics