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Man who fell from hotel window still in critical condition

The Star Tribune is reporting that Joshua Hanson, the man who fell 16 stories last weekend at the Hyatt Regency, is still in critical condition. He had surgery last weekend to implant a metal rod in his right leg. Family members have also told the newspaper that he is still breathing with the aid of a tube.

Hanson is somewhat alert, his eyes are open and he can communicate with squeezing hand signals. Doctors at the Hennepin County Medical Center say that he is lucky to be alive, and that his recovery will be a slow one that they can't outline time-wise.

Hanson crashed through a 17th story window while joking around with his friends after a night of drinking. The downtown hotel was up to code with their windows when it was first built and therefore the hotel was "grandfathered in" when the code was upgraded.

A challenge that the reporter faced with this story was articulating the nature and logistics of the man's fall and subsequent landing. Those types of physical/structural things seem difficult to explain through words alone.

The lead of this story includes the surface answer to almost every question a lead should answer. It's a little more lengthy, but includes a lot of key information. The Star Tribune leads I've looked at seem to be much more hard news oriented, while the NY Times leads were a bit more featurized and focused on the people involved in those articles.

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