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Bomb kills 130 in Baghdad

The NY Times (and msnbc.com) are reporting that at least 132 people died Saturday after a massive bomb planted by a suicide bomber went off in the middle of a busy market. This is the deadliest single bomb since the beginning of the U.S.'s invasion of Iraq.

The bomb was driven into the market hidden on a truck underneath food supplies. In addition to the fatalities, 305 people are said to be wounded. The bomber believed to have targeted Shiites, as the market where the bomb went off was predominantly Shiite. Shiite-Sunni groups traded mortar later on Saturday, apparently in response of retribution for the attack.

Prime minister Maliki condemned the attack, as did the White house, but Shiites in the surrounding neighborhoods remain unconvinced or unsatisfied with the level of protection given to Shiites. Some are finding the treatment of Shiite militas unfair, and feel that with American forces cracking down on Shiite militias, ordinary Shiite citizens are now more vulnerable to Sunni attacks.

Regardless, the scene at the market was said to be chaotic, as medical supplies and aid were limited. Witnesses say that many people were trapped in apartments along the road where the bomb went off. Almost 400 people are said to have died in the past 3 weeks from various bombings in Shiite areas of Hilla and Baghdad.

The NY Times news story uses attribution as a means of telling the story from a first person account, and additionally, letting the reader know the exact words of the governmental authorities with regards to the bombing.

The story was fairly successful with weaving emotional quotes into the article, while not letting them overwhelm the journalistic quality of the story.

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