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Maytag recall hits another roadbump

Maytag, the makers of a dishwasher that is now being recalled because of its potential to short-circuit and start on fire, had its hand full with another problem on Friday. The huge phone system set up to handle the customer questions shut down because of an overload of calls reported the Star Tribune and Msnbc.com.

The recall was announced Thursday by Maytag and the Federal Safety Agency because of 135 verified reports of the dishwashers starting on fire. The dishwashers were sold over a four year time period.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said that dish liquid could seep out and come in touch with the wiring of the dishwasher causing it to short circuit and risking fire.

Officials say that the consumer hotline is now up and running, and that either a reimbursement of sorts or in-home repair is being offered to customers with the dishwasher.

Within these stories the quotes are used to start a new paragraph and also to let government safety officials relay things to the reader in their own words. This is an interesting subject matter because it is one that serves the public in a more direct way. This is an issue that can really affect many people within the readership, and the newspaper needs to be a conduit of information for people with questions. In that respects, the articles are a little different because they hit so close to home.

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