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Obama formally announces Presidency campaign

Barack Obama, Illinois senator, announced his candidacy for Presidency on Saturday. The young candidate will likely face issues and questions regarding his race, religious background, and experience level.

Obama, who is bi-racial, and spent 4 years of his youth studying at a Muslim school in Indonesia, downplayed the focus on these issues. He said that he is now a member of the United Church of Christ, and has reiterated that he does not believe either his race or relgious background should be a focus of his candidacy.

Obama points to his message and main campaign issues and their reasonance with the people as his main focus for the campaign. He cites his grasp on main issues that matter to people as being an important part of leadership, writing off criticisms about his relative lack of experience.

Obama also has detailed his plan for withdrawing troops from Iraq within the next year and a half. He called the war a "tragic mistake."