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Protest over gas resources in Bolivia

Protesters were pushed out of 2 natural gas plants on Saturday after they clashed with police and troops. The protesters were upset about President Morales's percieved lack of action in moving along the nationalization process of Bolivia's natural gas resources.

Morales is a strong ally of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, and last May signed a deal with international gas corporations in Bolivia that would give the country better control of their resources and production. Theoretically, the deal would allow Bolivia to see a bigger profit from their gas resources.

Protesters were upset with Morales speed of movement in implementing the new deal, and also wanted to see the governmental overseer of the gas production moved to another city (not the capitol, La Paz) within Bolivia.

Police used rubber bullets, and injured at least 2 people during the 200 person protest. Police said that the protesters were armed with sticks and dynamite, and justified their use of the non-lethal rubber bullets.

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