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Chief Army Surgeon let go

A chief army surgeon, Kevin C. Kiley, was the thrid high-ranking official to be dismissed amid contreversy and furor over the treatment of wounded troops at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and its outpatient care. The NY Times is reporting.

The Walter Reed Commander and Army Secretary were also both let go within the past 2 weeks. In Kiley's case, it is widely considered that he was forced into an early retirement. The positions are being filled by Army officials all over the country, and the board of Walter Reed will convene in April to find a replacement for Kiley.

Critics and even internal sources have pointed to sub-par living conditions for wounded soliders, and a highly beauraucratic system to getting care. Additionally, an internal study by the Department of Veteran's Affairs pointed to a lack of training for those assisting soldiers.

The AP also reported on this topic.