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Prison wrongly frees Felon

Officials at the Kentucky Correctional and Psychiatric Center freed Timothy Rouse, a felon, after recieving a fax, msnbc.com is reporting. However, officials did not bother to look at the origins of the fax and realize that instead of coming from the State Supreme court, as it claimed to, it was actually from a grocery store.

In addition, the fax was filled with grammatical and spelling errors which also went unnoticed by the police when they released him on April 6th.

Rouse, 19, who was in prison for beating an elderly man, was taken back into custody this week after being found staying at his mother's house.

Police officials were quoted as calling him "dangerous," and are investigating who faxed the note.

Officials also made excuses for the embarrassing error, saying that spelling errors in those types of faxes were not uncommon. No explanation was made for the lack of double-checking a fax, the fact that the fax was not on letterhead, nor for the fact that the origins of the fax were not looked into.

Needless to say, the Kentucky officials who released him are probably pretty embarrassed. Oops.