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Vikings and Packers don't make the best Draft pick choices

According to FOX Sports, the Vikings' weekend draft pick recieved a "grade" of a B-, while the Packers recieved a C "grade."

Both teams used their first round pick for players recovering from injuries, which is rarely an advisable move. The Vikings passed on a quarterback pick, signifying faith in their QB of one year's performance. They picked a running back from Oklahoma, and a wide reciever from South Carolina for their first and second rouond picks. Later draft round picks were less high profile, but said to be of "good value."

The Packers picked a lineman from Tennessee who is recovering from shoulder surgery, and therefore has little indication of his recent or future play quality. Their 2nd round pick was a running back from Nebraska, who many experts thought should have stayed in college for his senior year to further develop his skills.