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Paris Hilton gets 45 days in jail

Paris Hilton, socialite and heiress to the hotel fortune, received a sentence of 45 days in jail after driving with a suspended license and violating her probation stemming from a September DUI arrest, the AP and msnbc.com are reporting.

A judge sentenced the heiress to 45 days in a correctional facilty without work-release options. He also denied her option to pay for the jail term and serve the sentence in generally better prisons and under more lax conditions.

Hilton testified that she thought her license was suspended for only 30 days, and that then she could drive for work purposes. Her spokeperson testified the same thing. the judge called her spokeperson's testimony "worthless" and said that Hilton was given verbal and written reminders on subsequent traffic stops, which were then found, signed and in Hilton's glove compartment.

Hilton's lawyer says they plan to appeal.

Guess money can't buy everything.