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Technology and Technopolies

In text and image, comment on the idea of techopolies to an understanding of technological order of nature.

The technology that I chose to describe techopolies is labeling technology. This technology may seem not that

important in the big picture, but it affects everyone. Labeling tech has both positive and negative consequences to

the world. The positive affects of labeling include: Advertisement, marketing, public awareness, medicine labels,

and warning labels. Labeling can be used everywhere, they are easy to make and easy to set up, the whole

process can take mere seconds. This tech then changes the way the world works in a big way. Here are some

examples of positive labeling. They can be anything. Beer labels, stickers, signage, posters, engravings, spay

paint are just some of the possibilities.

There are also negative consequences to labeling. These include: propaganda, false advertising, vandalism.

These are not negative in themselves, but they cause negative or incorrect assumptions about a certain issue or

person. Labeling tech simply allows them to express themselves on a much larger scale than ever was possible

before. Now events, people and companies can be globally known and recognized. I believe that this is a good

technology even with the downsides. This is the beginning of mass-media, the idea of media available to the entire

world perhaps. I believe this is useful for getting information across large area without words necessarily. It

connects the world using powerful images and planned locations for the largest impact possible. If used for the

right purpose, labeling is a very powerful tool.

It describes, warns, attracts, it distinguishes itself for others, it identifies itself. What would be the restrictions on

using labeling? I believe that labeling should be facts, and a little room for opinion to add personality to the piece,

but not enough to sway others minds drastically.

Labeling also creates new ideas for advertisement and marketing, which leads to new technology. Labeling also

leads to changes in laws and standards. The products that we use today, for instance, require a warning label if

it is poisonous. For such a seemingly small technology, it requires the use of everyone. It has become just an

everyday technology that we never seem to notice. It is a new way of thinking and reacting as a result of the

technology. It is easy to see all the new technologies like computers or the internet; they don't realize all the

technology around them.

Things like elevators or automatic doors. Why do most people see only the newest technologies as important?

Why do they forget all the technology we already possess? I think that if we were born and raised with a

technology we would think it is a normal thing. But a child's parents may see their "new" tech, but in the child's

mind it is a normal thing, and this would be repeating continuously for everyone. Technologies are just in the eyes

of the beholder. Everyone sees technologies different from different generations and different regions.