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Environmental blog 3


Make-up Blog in response to: McKibben, Bill. Hope, Human and Wild.

When I read this portion of Mckibben’s book, I was rather moved by his determination to

set things right in terms of not only the environment, but a worldwide movement for

change. One of the first things I noticed about Mckibben is that he has a deep

understanding of human nature and how we think and see the world. He continues to

push the fact that even though people may think that we are doing a lot to protect the

environment, but in reality “the maximum that is politically imaginable right now, still

falls short of the minimum that is scientifically and ecologically necessary. I also agree

that most people do not realize that in order to truly save the environment there must be

radical changes both politically and in the way we perceive the environment. Mckibben

goes on to say that most peoples’ version of hope is “to hope that scientists are wrong. I

totally agree with this statement, it is definitely the most common solution to try and

avoid change. Even in my life, every time I bring up the topic of global warming, I get

the same doubtful response every time: “I can’t believe people believe that nonsense,

“global warming doesn’t exist, and it’s just a myth. Earlier this week I was watching the

news when a commercial came up: “Global warming, and the secret agendas behind it.

What secret agendas could there possibly be? Personally, I do not see any harm in

stricter environmental laws, isn’t it better to be more safe than sorry later down the road

when it is too late? Why is it that no one can come to accept the fact? Why do they

persist in denying what is happening? What benefit could this possibly hold? Is our

culture so bent out of shape that we simply follow mob mentality? Will global warming

become another Katrina in the sense that “Why didn’t we do something about this

sooner? That time is now, the sooner people will realize this, the sooner we can make a

difference for the greater good.


Interesting views Michael, I agree stricter laws should be put in place to protect the environment. I guess you could say people are just trying to cover it up, and no-one wants to spend time and money on as it is not profitable.