I Can No Longer Turn Down a Survey

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As most people in the 21st century, I am an obsessive compulsive email checker. My goal is always to have less than 100 emails in my inbox at all times (easier said than done). So, imagine how difficult it is now that I can no longer turn down a survey. Participating in this course has made me a survey fiend. They ask. I answer.

Okay, I admit it. The main goal of my life is to cook dinner for friends and family and pack lunches for picky eaters... which is why I subscribe to Martha Stewart Living. It's because of this subscription that every few weeks I get emails asking me to participate in surveys, usually for an incentive.

The majority of the questions seemed to be about my demographics:
Screen shot 2012-10-08 at 11.04.02 PM.png

First of all let me just say I can't imagine a time when that is not the box that I'm selecting. Anyway, Martha went on to ask me-- with the same beautiful pictures of flowers in the background-- about my interest in crafting, baking, and entertaining (all of the above, please). These survey questions barely scratched the surface of why I read Martha Stewart, why I visit her website, or what my intentions are for future participation. Although I do believe that it was effective in that it was short and uncomplicated, perfect for an online questionnaire.

Then. Cue the music for the final question.
Screen shot 2012-10-08 at 11.08.20 PM.png

That's right. I said yes again. They promptly entered me in a "sweepstakes" that I have no chance of ever winning and yet they will continue to send me email at an increased increment asking for my feedback. And yes. I will be participating.

In the end, when I win this $300 worth of Martha Stewart merchandise, it will totally be worth the ten minutes I spent checking boxes. However, will it be worth the near incessant emails I will receive for the next six months? That remains to be seen.

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