My Life is One Giant Class

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So, my life is one giant class. I am sure anyone can relate to this; I myself have been looking forward to this since roughly second grade. There is no "math time" then "reading time" it's all interrelated, connected, and pertains to my future.

Last week in Marketing 3001 our lecture title was "Research" and my professor showed this clip from the Daily Show in 2009 (I will not use this time to comment on the age of her material).

This was especially insightful on how instant result surveys administered through mobile or online devices can be skewed. Only viewers watching the program will respond, and if they are watching the program they likely have similar opinions to the other viewers. In no way are the reported results scientific.

I found this video especially insightful (in a Jon Stewart way) and had a lot of commentary similar to statistical problems discussed in class.

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