I Can No Longer Turn Down A Survey Part 2: Or Can I?

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Originally I was shaking my fist at JOUR 3251 for making it impossible for me to turn down a survey. The tiny researcher on my shoulder was going "What if you had written that and needed responses?" or "Don't you want to know what kind of double-barreled questions they wrote" or "I'm going to give them some REAL results!"

I'm assuming my tiny researcher looks something like this:

Anyway, that's until CYBER MONDAY happened. I'm as guilty as the next consumer of falling prey to this particular day of "promotions" (although I might be less gullible about what constitutes an actual deal in a situation like this).

These companies are smart. Highest online traffic day of the year? Of course they are going to take advantage of a unique opportunity to generate feedback about their website/store/brand/etc.

First the little box pops up asking if you'd be willing to participate later. I guess this is a good way of asking permission and giving advance notice rather than bombarding with a survey after (now I'm starting to wonder if it also tracks what you do on the site...). You go about your shopping experience and finally close that tab- one of many in a sea of shopping.

Then it's there. In front of you. Asking "Please rate how this website compares to your ideal website." What kind of question is that? My ideal website? Ideally, I would not be bothered. Ever. Period. Ideally, everything would be FREE. Ideally, your website not important enough to be considered ideal!

I sat through a fair number of these. You lose track after a while. Maybe it was three, maybe it was ten. REI had a decent one. JC Penny's went into excruciating detail. And then I snapped. After all the retail surveys I sat through I went to read my textbook on a website and there it was- the little box asking "Will you participate in a survey after your visit?"

It was long. It asked terrible questions. It wanted to know what I thought of tools on the site I didn't even know about and wouldn't let me tell them how I actually felt!

This was the first survey since September that I closed out of without finishing. I now wonder if I've broken the spell or if my survey-compulsion will continue to answer for another day.

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