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This year I was given a great opportunity to work with the Youth Farm and Market Project on developing a social media policy. Our marketing committee met to discuss what goals we would have and how we could measure our successes. This is why I found the seminar offered through Carlson intriguing and thought I would scope it out.

First, attending this seminar encouraged me to attend more speaking events on Friday afternoons after realizing there are refreshments and ample opportunities to network!

Ahmed Abbasi was an incredibly knowledgeable speaker. He started off by showing the classic social media video:

When I discussed the seminar with Professor Ball I found it humorous that she and I enjoyed the event for different reasons. When he got into data mining and spiders and particularly talking about the drug market I found myself losing interest. The beginning where he spoke of the emerging patterns in social media and the results that social media can generate were more of what I wanted to learn about. However, I think it's important for all SJMC students to be aware of what social media analytics are and just how much they have transformed in the last few years.

Since attending Ahmed's speech I have come across this topic numerous times in both my marketing and advertising classes. I have cited information from Ahmed's PowerPoint when discussing how public relations should present their ROI to their superiors.

Overall I'm glad I attended this session and look forward to looking into social media analytics into the future as everyone in our profession watches them evolve.

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