Survey Monkey vs. Stellar Survey

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This semester I created two surveys to distribute to fellow classmates. For this course I used Survey Monkey, which is reputable as being an easy to use and reliable tool. For a course through agriculture education I created a survey through Stellar Survey which I found via a Google search. Below I have listed the pros and cons of each.


Offers free account
Able to create multi-page questionnaires
Ability to require certain questions are answered
Easy to navigate
Clean, sleek design makes page easy to look at
Reputable name, everyone has heard of it

Only able to analyze 100 results
When viewing results from one participant numbers became inconsistant
Cannot create charts/graphs


Allows you to create a free account
No limit to results
Easy to create questions
Creates charts

Page design looks old and less professional
People haven't heard of it and might be less comfortable responding
Colors and themes are less appealing
Must alter preferences to view multiple answers at once

Overall, choosing which website to use in the future would depend heavily on what results I was looking to find. If I planned to accumulate responses from over 100 people I would automatically want to go with Stellar Survey or another free website that doesn't limit my responses. It was not worth it to be overly confused by Survey Monkey which was giving me different answers for "Respondent 70" the first time I view the results and the second time. It's also worthwhile to be able to create the charts and view information cohesively.

However, if I needed to distribute a survey to just a few classmates I would feel more comfortable using Survey Monkey which is a name that my peers have come to trust.

Using both Stellar and Monkey was beneficial, but I think there could be better programs yet to come.

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